A representation of a Geolog dataset
Parameter Type Description Example
Category string Type of log Lithology
CategoryType string Free-text detailed description of the category Geologist Log
CountyName string US county where the well is located Aroostook County
DepthEndFt number The end depth of the log bottom in US feet 81.99
DepthStartFt number The start depth of the log in US feet 3.16
LogData string The date, relative to UTC, when the log was measured 2016-11-08T00:00:00-06:00
LogID number Unique log identifier 7154
Required Unique SiteNumber number USGS NWIS site number 463642069344601
StateName string US state where the well is located Maine
Required StationName string USGS NWIS station name ME-ARW891 Clayton Lake, Maine
Required The parameter is required when adding a dataset with this schema. Learn more.
Unique Two datasets cannot share this parameter. Read the docs on unique contraints to learn more