A representation of a well/borehole from USGS - Florida department. Location of FGS wells from the Florida Geologic Survey core and cuttings repository. Most well locations have been taken from paper documents ranging from the early part of the 20th century through 2020. Location information can be Section, Township, Range, distance from section lines, or GPS. It is important to check the verified field for a determination on the accuracy of a well location. The formation picks table comes from the old lithologic database. There can be more then one formation pick for each well. Sometimes more than one person provided formation picks. The information on who provided what formation pick is currently unavailable. To view or download more information on boreholes, picks, or descriptions visit https://geodes.kyrasolutions.com
Parameter Type Description Example
borehole address string Address information where the borehole is located 460' S and 510' W of NE corner of SE/4 Sec. 17, 2 miles NW of Carbur
Unique borehole number number Unique number identifying the borehole 19699
borehole type string What type is the bore. Note: The abreviations are unknown. UNKN
borehole usage string The main purpose the borehole was drilled Stratigraphic Test
county string US county where the well is placed Holmes
documented elevation number Elevation of the borehole. Also see reference point. 0.0
drill company string Name of the company that drilled the well MIXON FOUNDATION & DRILLING INC.
drill date string Date the well was drilled formatted as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS+Timezone 1960/06/01 00:00:00+00
drill year integer Year the well was drilled 1933
driller name string Name of the person who drilled the well Al Sandidge
elevation reference point string In what reference system is the elevation mapped. UK
horizontal datum string Horizontal datum used to reference the well UNKNWN
location source string Source of the well location Green Book
owner name string Name of the person or entity that owns the well Lake Monroe Utilities
permit number string Information about the permit used to drill OG #583
program area string General purpose for the investigation Oil and Gas
total depth number Total depth in US feet of the well 520.0
usgs id string Internal USGS identifier for this well FL300318082015401
verification method string Unknown LUC
vertical datum string Vertical Datum used to reference the well UNKNWN
water management district string Which water management district is the borehole located SWFWMD
well name string Descriptive name of the well Retreat Mobile Village Water Plant
Required The parameter is required when adding a dataset with this schema. Learn more.
Unique Two datasets cannot share this parameter. Read the docs on unique contraints to learn more